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Open source solutions

Hystax OptScale

Hystax OptScale is a cloud cost management platform for Kubernetes and traditional workloads that gives full visibility, optimizes IT costs and helps improve IT infrastructure usage.

Free solutions

Azure Cost Management + Billing is a suite of tools that help analyze, manage, and optimize the costs of workloads. Using the suite helps monitor and control Azure spending, understand Azure invoice (bill) and ensure that companies are taking advantage of the benefits provided by the cloud.

AWS Cost Explorer has an easy-to-use interface that lets customers visualize, understand, and manage AWS costs and usage over time. The solution analyzes data at a high level (e.g., total costs and usage across all accounts) or dive deeper into cost and usage data to identify trends, pinpoint cost drivers, and detect anomalies.

Google Cloud Cost Management helps gain visibility into current cost trends and forecasts, control costs with strong financial governance policies and permissions, optimize cloud costs and usage with intelligent recommendations. 

Paid solutions


CloudHealth is a multicloud management solution that provides deep visibility into cloud costs and usage and offers robust tools for optimization and governance.

Cloudability Apptio

Cloudability is a cloud financial management platform that improves visibility, optimization, governance and more across cloud environments.


Densify offers a cloud optimization service that automatically matches application demands with the right cloud resources in real time using a patented machine learning analytics engine.

Opsani maximizes cloud workload performance and efficiency using the latest in AI and machine learning to continuously reconfigure and tune with every code release, load profile change, and infrastructure upgrade.


CloudCheckr is a cloud management platform, which enables clients to optimize costs, security, and compliance in the cloud. The solution simplifies the way IT, finance, and security teams improve cloud governance.


Pileus utilizes algorithms to analyze Kubernetes environment and identify at the node level where under-utilization is occurring. The solution enables users to gain visibility and control over resource inventory. 


CloudWize proposes a no-code platform that helps gain maximum compliance and security coverage in cloud environments. One place to audit coverage, track cost, operations and performance. 


Cloudeasier delivers a full range of FinOps services and tools to anticipate, manage, control and optimize a public cloud bill. The solution helps define FinOps process, policies, tools and teams. 


ProsperOps programmatically optimizes your AWS compute reserved instances and savings plans. Algorithms blend multiple discount instruments to maximize savings and minimize commitment term.